Deep Broken Link Building: Extraction Two Levels Deep

Deep Broken Link Building

Broken link building is when you find a broken link on someone’s page, tell them about it and then suggest your link as a replacement.

DEEP broken link building is when you go one level deeper and find EVERY site linking to the same broken link and reach out to them too.

So let’s go deeper…

Deep Broken Link Building VIDEO Tutorial

In the video below I’m going to take you on a journey through the entire deep broken link building process, from extraction to outreach using the best tools for broken link building: Ahrefs, Screaming Frog SEO Spider and BuzzStream.

You’re about to go two levels deep, where you’ll find HUNDREDS of broken links in MINUTES and open Pandora’s Box to LIMITLESS link building opportunities.

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Tools used in order of appearance:

Here’s the FULL TRANSCRIPT and an explanation for each step of the process:

What is deep broken link building?

Broken link building is when you find a broken link on someone’s page, tell them about it and then suggest your link as a replacement.

DEEP broken link building is when you go one step further and find every site linking to the same broken link and reach out to them too!

You’re about to learn:

  • How to find hundreds of broken links in minutes using the SEO Spider tool
  • Get a list of all the sites linking to them using Ahrefs
  • Decide which of those sites you WANT links from
  • And reach out to them instantly with BuzzStream!

Case Study:

For the purpose of this broken link building tutorial I’ve created a little niche site called

My niche site about laminate flooring

You see, I used to be in the laminate flooring industry back when I was working in China, so I know A LOT about the industry!

The particular page I want to build links to is all about cleaning laminate floors the right way. (Incase you were wondering, the right way is with microfiber mops ;))

Let’s get started!

Links pages are the best place to hunt for broken links

Use a Google search like, keyword inurl:links, to find hundreds of links pages in SECONDS:

Google keyword inurl links

Set search setting to 100 results per page and use the Simple Google Results bookmarklet to get results in plain list format (you’ll want to add the bookmarklet to your browser):

Simple Google Results Bookmarklet

As you can see, the Simple Google Results bookmarklet lists Google’s results in plain listing so you can grab them in SECONDS:

Plain Listing of Google Results

Some of the URLs might be duplicate URLs from the same site. To remove duplicates, use 51 Blocks’ Remove Duplicate Hostnames tool:

Remove Duplicate Hostnames Using Ontolo

And copy the results:

Deduped List of Hostnames Ready to Copy

Now we’re going to use Ahrefs to help sort through the list of URLs and quickly remove any sites not worth crawling for broken links.

Go to Ahrefs’ Batch Analysis tool:

Ahrefs Labs Batch Analysis Tool

Paste in the de-duped list and hit Start Analysis:

Click Start Analysis

Then export the results to Excel and remove all columns except Target and Domain Rank:

Remove All Columns Except for Target and Domain Rank

Repeat for 2nd and 3rd page of Google’s results, or as long as results are still relevant, e.g. page #3 of Google is still showing flooring links pages:

Results are Still Relevant on Google Page 3

Copy Target and Domain Rank from each set of 100 results and paste them into the first Excel.

Select all and sort by Domain Rank.

Sorting by Domain Rank puts unique domains and sites like Pinterest at the top of the list as you’ll want to delete these because they’ll take too long to crawl for broken links:

Sort List by Domain Rank to Remove Sites Like Pinterest and Facebook

The finished product is lots of relevant links pages :)

Copy all the Target URLs from the Excel and use 51 Blocks’ Remove Duplicate Hostnames tool to de-dupe the list again to make sure we don’t waste time crawling duplicate URLs!

Paste the de-duped list into a text editor and Save As a .txt file:

Save As a Text File Using Text Editor

Crawling for Broken Links with the SEO Spider

It’s time to use Screaming Frog SEO Spider to find all the broken links on those pages!

In Screaming Frog SEO Spider choose List as the Mode:

In Screaming Frog Choose List Mode

Then, go to Configuration > Spider and check these boxes:

Only Check These Boxes in Screaming Frog

Once you’ve checked those, limit the search depth to 1:

Limit Search Depth to 1

Choose the .txt file you want to crawl (in the video example it was flooringlinks.txt) and click Start:

Start the Crawl with SEO Spider

Grab a beer whilst it crawls :)

When it gets to 100%, export all the 4xx links by going to Advanced Export > Client Error (4xx) In Links:

Export Client Error 4xx Links


The SEO Spider found hundreds of broken links:

Screaming Frog Found Hundreds of Broken Links

At this point you can either just reach out to the people who own those links pages and fix their broken links:

Links Pages with Broken Links

Or…go DEEPER and find ALL the sites that are linking to these broken links and reach out to them too:

All the Broken Links Found by Screaming Frog

So let’s go deeper and find ALL the sites linking to those broken pages.

Because there are a lot of duplicate URLs you’ll need to use Ontolo’s Remove Duplicate Items tool. (This is different to the Remove Duplicate Hostnames tool, because it doesn’t remove different URLs from the same site):

Remove Duplicate Items this Time

Copy the de-duped list, open a new Excel and paste:

De Duped List in Excel

Delete URLs that don’t fit, e.g. unrelated to your niche, directories, etc. (Because there’s no point in pitching your link if it’s totally unrelated to the broken link).

Once you’re done select all, copy, paste into Ahrefs’ Batch Analysis tool and hit Start Analysis.

You can now quickly see which of the broken links have the most referring domains linking to them and make fast decisions about which opportunities you want to pursue:

Ahrefs List of Batch Analysis Results

Sort by Referring Domains and look for a good match with lots of referring domains:

Sort the List by Referring Domains

I started with this one on because it had lots of referring domains:

Armstrong Has Lots of Referring Domains

and Armstrong is a HUGE supplier of laminate flooring:

Checking to See if the Site is a Good Match

Although the particular broken URL is a page about cabinets (not laminate flooring), I still thought of a random way I could pitch my link ;)

After you visit the broken URL and decide they’re a good match go ahead and download backlinks to that URL!

To do this, open the backlinks report in a new tab and export all the backlinks to Excel:

Download List of Sites Linking to the Broken Link

In the Excel, ONLY Copy URLs with Ahref Rank 5 and above:

Copy URLs with Ahref Rank Above 5

Why only copy sites with Ahrefs Rank above 5?

Because Ahrefs Rank tells you:

  • Exactly how much link juice a site will pass on to you
  • And sites with high Ahrefs Rank
  • Have more quality sites linking to them
  • Which means you ONLY want links from these sites
  • And can quickly decide which sites you DON’T want links from

Use 51 Blocks’ Remove Duplicate Hostnames tool again, copy the results and paste into a brand new Excel.

This new (and final Excel sheet) is to prepare the prospects for email outreach with BuzzStream!

In the new Excel, name column #1 “Linking From” and paste in that de-duped list:

Name First Column in New Excel Sheet Linking From

Name column #2 “Domain”:

Name Second Column in Excel Sheet Domain

Now, copy all URLs with no “www.” and use Ontolo’s Extract Unique Hostnames tool to strip the URLs to their root domain, then paste the root domains into the Domain column:

Paste List of Root Domains into Domain Column

Then repeat the process for the “www.” URLs. (The reason why you need to do this chunk of URLs separately is because Ontolo’s tool often mismatches the list if you do them all together and then it’s a nightmare to line them up in the Excel).

Name column #3 “Linking To” and insert the broken link everyone’s linking to:

Name 3rd Column Linking To and Paste in the Broken URL

I also name column #4 “Link Link Tag”, which is a Custom Links Field I use to tag my link prospects in BuzzStream – this makes it easy for me to find this group of prospects later once I upload them into my little black book of contacts:

Name 4th Column Link Link Tag and Enter a Tag

You are now ready for outreach with BuzzStream!

Save the Excel as a .csv file, login to BuzzStream and create a new project for the page you’re building links to:

Add a new project

Name your project:

Step 1 set up a project

And enter the URL of the page you’re building links to:

I am building links to

Upload your list of prospects to the project via the Link Monitoring tab:

Import links from an existing file

When you upload the file, make sure the data fields match up correctly and hit the Import these contacts button:

Check the Data Fields Match and Start Import

Whilst BuzzStream is scraping contact details from those sites, you can create an email template for outreach under the Websites tab:

Create a template

Use the [ul:Linking From] field and the [ul:Linking To] field so you can reference the page their broken link is on and what they’re linking to:

Use the Linking From and Linking To Fields

Once you’ve created a template you can go and find those contacts you just uploaded. Use the filter:

Filter the List of Websites

Remember we added a Link Tag?

You can filter your black book of contacts to find your list of prospects (in this case tagged “Armstrong”) easily:

Type the Name of the Link Tag You Assigned Into the Filter

Now the list of Websites has been filtered to just list sites liking to Armstrong:

The Websites Are Now Filtered by that Link Tag

Sort by Discovered Contact Info and select contacts BuzzStream found email addresses for so you can start outreach IMMEDIATELY:

Sort by Discovered Contact Info and Tick Boxes with Emails

Click Start Outreach and choose the email template you just created:

Choose the Email Template and Click Start Outreach

As you can see [ul:Linking From] is now the correct URL:

Linking From is Now the Name of the Page with a Broken Link

You can schedule for later or send now:

confirm to send the emails at a specific time

After you’ve finished outreach for your first group of prospects you can go back to Ahrefs and continue working through the list!

Sort the List by Referring Domains

Opening Pandora’s Box

Then once you’re done you can rinse and repeat the entire process with HUNDREDS more different search strings and open up Pandora’s Box to LIMITLESS broken link building opportunities!

And that’s my process for deep broken link building!

I wanted to share this with you because it is literally one of the main methods I used to take my new niche site’s traffic from 220 visits a day to over 500 a day in less than a month:

220 to 550 Visits a Day in One Month

Here’s a recap of the tools I used in the tutorial:

And if you’re looking for more AMAZING resources on broken link building be sure to check these posts out:

Broken Link Building Treasure Troves

Before I wrap this up I’d like to say a BIG thank you to Matthew Woodward for teaching me how to make YouTube videos here.

Wrapping it up

Going two levels deep is the key to opening Pandora’s Box of LIMITLESS broken link building opportunities. In the next video I might even go THREE levels deep and see if inception is possible ;)

It took me a LOT of time to learn how to make videos and put this whole thing together, so please kindly help share if you liked it:

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any questions about deep broken link building, or a suggestion for my next video please leave them in the comments below. Thank you!


  1. says

    Hey Richard, Thanks a lot for the post.

    For a moment I thought you went AWOL as you were not so active on the blog in the first few months of 2014 but boy Im glad you are back.
    Keep up the good work.
    Brian Dean also has a good post about broken links strategy but yours ads some great twists.


    • Richard Marriott says

      Hey Andrei, it’s great to see you again mate and wow, what an awesome comment! Thank you!

      I did indeed go a little AWOL for a while hehe. Have been working on the new niche site and spent a good few weeks locked in a dark room link building ;)

      Catch you soon and hope you’ll enjoy the next video!

  2. says

    OK, three things:

    1) GREAT article! Most detailed I’ve seen regarding broken link building.
    2) How do you find the contact emails? I checked two sites with broken links (one is even an EDU domain) but I can’t find any email information!
    3) Do you mind if I use the email that you send to webmasters? I’ll reword it a bit, of course!

    Thanks again!

    • Richard Marriott says

      Hey Michelle thanks for your support!

      BuzzStream usually scrapes most of the contact emails after I upload them but for the emails it can’t find I’ll either visit those sites myself or outsource it. I know that sometimes it can be hard to find contact information on a site though so if I can’t find an email address I usually take a guess at what they are. If you find out who runs the site on the About page or who regularly posts on the blog you can usually guess their email address. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

      Occasionally you can also find their email address by typing into Google and it will find a page with the emails on.

      And of course I don’t mind if you use a similar version to my outreach email. I’m always changing them up and trying different versions :)


  3. says

    Richard, you’ve done it again. I’m not easily impressed when it comes to link building strategies, but you always give me a 1001 ideas I can use for my site. Great post :-)

    • Richard Marriott says

      Thanks Brian! Your tips on Backlinko have been an absolute inspiration to me. Learned so much from you in such a short period of time and am having soooo much fun implementing them.

      Btw, the expired domain link building strategy in your last post on Ecommerce SEO has worked absolute wonders on the new niche site. Got some really nice links from it and still thousands more prospects to reach out to! We’re getting 750 visits a day now and pretty sure we’ll hit the 1000 a day mark after a little more outreach. Will be sure to let you know when that happens :)

      Thanks again man and looking forward to your next post!

  4. says

    Great post and broken link building is a great way to get good content. So my question is this: if you stumble on a broken link, do you copy the content or rewrite it? Which do you support?

    • Richard Marriott says

      Thanks Adegboye and that’s a good question!

      If I have time to rewrite the content I’ll do it and make something better than the original resource, but because I often don’t have time to put a whole new post together I’ll usually help the blogger out by suggesting a quality replacement to the broken link and then pitch my link as a nice addition to the page.

      The way I pitch my link as an addition is to find a phrase on the page that fits the subject of my link and then ask the blogger if they’d kindly add my link to that phrase whilst they’re updating the page ;)

      So for example, if there’s some text on the page that says “broken link building” I’d suggest them to add my link to that anchor text. A little cheeky, yes, but I’ve had some amazing results from this!

  5. says

    Hi i was amazed the competitive BLink building you did here. But there’ some confusion left in my head. Care to enlighten me? Here it is.

    – Exactly how much link juice a site will pass on to you
    – Have more quality sites linking to them

    What i understands here is that the more quality links linking to them is the more link juices we gained?? But how come we limit the AHREFs rank to 5 in the first place?.

    Thanks and was a good read! Love the style

    • Richard Marriott says

      Hey Carl, awesome question and I’m glad you asked because you’ve made me realise I should include a deeper explanation about this in the transcript.

      Basically, you don’t want links from low quality sites because they could actually do more harm than good, so it’s important to eliminate low quality sites from the list before you start email outreach.

      The reason I delete anything below Ahref Rank 5 is because I usually find anything below Ahrefs Rank 5 usually has an Ahrefs Domain Rank either on or below 30. This means the root domain has more link juice than only 30% of the all the sites on the web. Therefore, I don’t think sites below the 30% bracket are going to be of much help. Also there’s a high chance a lot of those sites have dodgy backlink profiles and I’d rather stay clear of them than risk getting a link from them.

      Here are two pages that explain Ahrefs Rank and Domain Rank quite well:

      Hope that helps! I find it pretty hard to get my head around to be honest ;)

  6. says

    Hi Richard

    I love your link building round up and broken link building insights. I think you must be the king of these topics. :)

    Quick q: did you notice an increase in your affiliate sales since starting these round-up posts (e.g. BuzzStream)?

    I look forward to your next goodies!


    • Richard Marriott says

      Thanks Codrut! The plan has always been to promote the best tools in the industry by finding out what the experts use and then make useful tutorials on how to use them.

      I only promote the tools I use and trust and BuzzStream is the tool behind the success of this blog and my other niche sites, so I’m happy to recommend it.

  7. says

    Thanks, that really only makes sense if one uses the whole suit of tools as you describe above. Thanks for the actionable information and also for presenting tidbits from case studies which make it more plausible to give it a try!

    • Richard Marriott says

      Cheers Darragh. It does indeed only make sense if you use the same set of tools but I just wanted to share my process with you.

      I did think about trying to simplify it to make it a universal process that can be used for any set of tools, but if i did that then it would be an entirely different video, and I probably wouldn’t have been able to demonstrate the process from start to finish.

  8. Steven says

    Hi, Richard, you did a good job, that’s great. now you are so professional in that, and i will focus on you blog and study more seo skills from you! hehe, take a good care of yourself! nice day!

  9. says

    wonderful and very useful tutorial , but unfortunately the tools you have mentioned give only limited access for free. Any way great work Richard

    • Richard Marriott says

      Hey Abhishek, yeah sorry I couldn’t make the tutorial with a free set of tools. Maybe I’ll do that in the next one.

  10. Jason says

    Dude! This is money. Just got a PR 7 from the first batch I sent out. Pretty cool… I tried doing it using majestic and moz first (because I had subscriptions) but it was taking forever. Signed up for ahrefs and it was a breeze.

    Thanks again!

    • Richard Marriott says

      Awesome stuff Jason!! If I could upvote your comment I would! PR7 is pretty damn sweet and I’m sure you’ll get a sh*t load more!

      Keep on trucking dude and so happy it’s working wonders for you!

  11. says


    Deep linking is helps you more in SEO. As an search engine optimizer the biggest thing is how to utilize resource to gain back-links. Through deep liniking you just not increase the home page link but also increase the roots one too. :)


  12. Jason says

    Hey Richard,

    What is the best way to monitor for links? I tried using the buzzstream link checker but because we are already using the link from and link to forms with the old website it wont work.

    Any tips on this? I would rather not have to search every website manually for a link back.


  13. says

    Hi Richard, thank you for your great post.
    I’ve found a broken link in THIS POST!!!
    just a typo: a link to for your first link to BuzzStream

    Can I get a link to my site as a “thank you”? ;-)

  14. says

    Hi Richard,
    I really thank you for describing the process of deep broken link building.
    For me,it was difficult before reading your great article to understand this process,but now it becomes easier for me.

  15. says

    Hi Richard

    I’ve just realised that I’ve watched this video 3 times and haven’t even said thank you. So thank you :-)

    This is a fantastic tutorial and I can fully see how you could use this technique to build all of your natural, niche specific links to any given site. I’ve dabbled already but am definitely going to step it up using this method.

    I reckon social media sharing, content led outreach and broken link building on every post should just about cover it.



  16. says

    Hey Richard,

    Thanks for these linkbuilding hacks. The Google Results bookmarklet is a great time-saver. Is there any free alternative to proceed to these Ahref batching analaysis steps?


    Ahrefs’ Batch Analysis tool – fast overview of link batches
    Screaming Frog SEO Spider – find all the broken links on a list of pages
    Remove Duplicate Items tool – remove duplicate URLs
    Extract Unique Hostnames tool – strip a list of URLs to their root domain
    BuzzStream – manage


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