What clambr is Built on

Would you hire a bunch of school children to build your house?

I am a strong believer that if you want to build something structurally sound you don’t hire school children, plus you must use the right tools.

Because I want to give clambr a fighting chance at succeeding as a business I invested a lot of time into making sure I chose the right tools so it can keep growing to become the tallest sky scraper in the block!

These are the tools I use to run clambr and my various other websites. Some are onsite tools and others help me promote clambr or manage my offsite SEO activities.

Please note some of the links below are affiliates which means I’ll earn a small commission if you buy the tool at no extra cost to you. These small commissions are how I keep clambr up and running so your support is highly appreciated.

Link Building Tools

BuzzStream – Manage link prospects and conduct link building campaigns

Check My Links – Google Chrome plugin that highlights broken links

Email Subscriber Management

AWeber – Must have for creating email capture forms, managing subscribers and sending blog post updates


Laughing Squid – I use these guys for clambr. They’re trusted for WordPress sites and their customer support gets a gold starfish!

Hostgator – Cheap, fast, reliable and what I use for my niche affiliate sites


Aperture – Great app for Mac users to touch up, resize and compress images for your blog

Awesome Screenshot – Google Chrome plugin that allows you to dress up screenshots with cool arrows, boxes and text

Social Media Tools

HootSuite – Manage your Twitter and Facebook Pages all in one place

TweetAdder – Automate follows, unfollows, Tweets and more

WordPress Themes

Thesis – Customizable WordPress theme that makes your blog load faster and rank higher. clambr is rocking the old version of Thesis x185 but the new 2.0 version is even more kick ass!

Kolakube Skins – Beautiful mobile responsive skins for the Thesis theme

Genesis Framework – My brother used this to customize our mascot costumes site Flashmob Mascots. Like Thesis, Genesis is customizable and packs a punch for SEO

VPN Software

PandaPow – Helps me clamber over China’s Great Firewall and access Facebook, Twitter and even BBC iPlayer