What Are the 3 SEO Tools You Cannot Live Without?

The Dog is Content Because He Has Many Links to His Blog

Greetings! I either emailed you the link to this roundup or you saw it on Twitter. The dog above has a lot of links right?

I’m doing an expert roundup and would really appreciate a minute of your time to answer this question:

If you could only use 3 SEO tools for your offsite link building campaigns what 3 tools would you choose?

The reason I’ve asked you for just 3 tools is because after we get a good roundup of answers we’ll hopefully discover the core SEO tools at the center of most people’s link building campaigns.

If you’re intrigued to see the results please kindly contribute by posting your answer in the comments below and tweeting this roundup to your epic followers! The more answers we get, the more fascinating the results will be :)

In my next blog post I will share the results. Who knows, we may find that 3 tools really do stand out above the rest!

Please include your name, website, just 3 tools, and if you’d like to go the extra mile please explain your reasons for the 3 you chose! I will link to your site and include your valuable answer when I post the results in the next few days.

Thanks in advance! You’re AWESOME!!!

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What are the 3 SEO tools you cannot live without? (P.S. please TWEET!)


  1. says

    Hi Richard,

    I think I’ll be going with Alexa. It records back links quickly than others I think. And I recommend you NOT TO care much about the back links and Social Shares. Just continue what you are doing, produce great content and natural links will flow to you.

    Good luck. See you around :)

  2. says

    I dont use exactly seo tools … i focus on keywords and the rest is the result….i get about 70% of traffic from google … thats really great for me…so i dont need any paid seo tools for my blog…

    • Richard Marriott says

      Ok no worries Abhishek. I’m guessing you post a lot and get a lot of traffic from the long tail? Thanks for your input :)

  3. says

    Hey Richard, thanks for asking me to be involved in this.

    1) BuzzStream – this is an essential part of our process at UK Linkology (www.uklinkology.co.uk). It allows us to manage large guest posting campaigns with ease, track links and social mentions – even prospect for link building opportunities. The built in CRM is perfect for link building and it makes what can easily spiral out of control into something that’s easily managable.

    2) Ahrefs – I use a couple of different sources for examining link profiles, but Ahrefs has got some really impressive tools that make it stand out .. the way they break down anchor text into different numbered terms makes identifying issues very easy (Ross Hudgens wrote about the possibility of using term anchor text a while back here:http://www.rosshudgens.com/term-anchor-text/) .

    The crawler comes in handy, along with the mentions and batch analysis tools.

    The graphs it spits out come in handy for reports too.

    3) Advanced Web Ranking – I’ve tested a lot of rank tracking tools, and I know that tracking rankings is really difficult, lots of factors involved but you still need a bench mark – this bench mark will help you identify possible issues in the future.

    I’ve tried desktop and online based tools to track rankings, and I’ve had problems across the board – lack of features, poor reporting but AWR does everything that I need with some crawling and site evaluation tools too.

    • Richard Marriott says

      Hey Adam,

      Massive thanks for these!

      Wish I could have used BuzzStream over the last few days managing this roundup but unfortunately my internet is so shockingly slow along with the Great Firewall being updated once again, I’m having to do everything the old fashioned way via excel and a mail client. Looking forward to using BuzzStream when my interent situation improves.

      Will be in touch via email and thanks again!

  4. says

    Samuel from Seosamuel.com here.

    Thanks Richard for the outreach, my apologies it has taken me this time to respond, time has been very scarce.

    My 3 top tools are,

    Google Analytics : This is the only tool I need to evaluate campaigns, track conversions and monitor set KPIs.

    Google Webmaster Tools : Another google tool. Tells me what is going on with links.

    Raven Tools : A very robust SEO assistant that pulls in data from multiple sources.



    • Richard Marriott says

      Hey Samuel,

      Big thanks for getting back to me. I’ll check out Raven Tools soon and will let you know when the results of this roundup go live. So far we’ve got 40 responses. 50’s the goal ;)

      Thanks again!

  5. says

    Hi Richard

    I’d probably say:

    1) Webmaster tools – gives you your fundamentals – a place to check how Google is looking at your website. Also one of the best lists of backlinks you can get – links that tools like MajesticSEO and Open Site Explorer don’t pick up. I’ve found link lists in Webmaster particularly useful for combating negative SEO.

    2) MajesticSEO – I prefer MajesticSEO to Open Site Explorer. I use this for lots of backlink profile metrics.

    3) Moz (SEOmoz) – wide selection of tools to help with SEO. E.g. checks websites for errors and issues, and gives keyword competition.

    Some more tools…. http://www.nebstone.co.uk/blog/online-marketing-tools-analytics-seo-social/

    • Richard Marriott says

      Hey George,

      Thanks for getting involved in this!

      I checked out your tools page and love the Image Raider tool! Will definitely use this in the future if at some point any of my images get used. Because I can’t really afford to buy images at the moment pretty much all my images are my own.

      Will pop you an email when the results post to this roundup goes live.



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